About A.M.O.R

At A.M.O.R., we believe that snacking should be a joyful journey, nourishing not only your body but also your soul. Our story begins  with the discovery of amaranth, an ancient grain-like seed celebrated for its exceptional  nutritional value. With deep roots in history and  a contemporary passion for well-being, we  embarked on a mission to craft snack bars that harness the power of this incredible superfood.

Every A.M.O.R. bar is a labor of love, a  harmonious blend of nature’s finest ingredients, and the boundless benefits of amaranth. We’re committed to crafting snacks that transcend  convenience, enriching your life with essential  nutrients and a burst of flavors that excite your palate.

But A.M.O.R. is more than just a snack bar   it’s a philosophy. It’s the embodiment of love  and respect for your body and the planet. It’s a celebration of health and sustainability. With every bite, you’re joining a movement that values  conscious choices and mindful consumption.